About Qietut

QiETUT brings you extraordinary ways to experience your world.

At QiETUT, our mission is to bring you extraordinary ways to experience your world.

We have created a collection of establishments in secluded, natural and rural environments, often un-spoilt, offering adventures, rare experiences, and chance. Places where you can indulge, discover, explore and intensify. Places where you can expect a high level of service with comfortable lodgings and fine cuisine.

Mostly independently owned, the properties host a relatively small number of guests, with some available for a family or small group of friends on an exclusive basis.  Often the owners will be your hosts, eager to share their local culture, history, and stories. At the same time, ensure your stay is delivered with impeccable service and a personal touch.

QiETUT is also about balance, offering travel experiences that support small communities, helping maintain heritage, legacy, traditions, wildlife, and the environment.

We hope that you can stimulate all your senses in ways unimaginable, create lasting memories, and have compelling stories that you will eagerly share.


QiETUT is the result of a team of professionals led by Teresa Sánchez Terrero and Mara Kuschnir. Both have developed their respective professional experiences and have lived and worked in Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Both friends have united their passions and their skills in this endeavor.

Teresa Sanchez Terrero

Co-Founder & Experience Scout

Teresa loves everything about horses. She lives on her farm and has developed a Quarter Horse breeding program in Argentina.

Mara Kuschnir

Co-Founder & CEO

Mara loves the world of gastronomy and boutique hotels, which she knows luxury first-hand, especially in Italy, where she lives.

If you wish to learn more about QiETUT, contact us here.