Enjoy this experience when you stay at El Pedral in Patagonia, Argentina.

Your excursion starts with a 10-kilometer truck ride from the El Pedral manor to the Punta Ninfas lighthouse that sits on top of the high cliffs of the Valdés Peninsula. There you can enjoy panoramic views of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, and when the time is the right, a sunrise or moon rise over the waters.

The beaches at the foot of the cliffs at Punta Ninfas are the natural habitat of a colony of elephant seals that are present all year round in small groups. From the lighthouse, you can go down to the beach on foot to observe the animals up close.

For a rare photographic opportunity, it is essential to approach the animals slowly in a crouched position without disturbing them so that they do not feel threatened.

From the lighthouse, the excursion continues along the high cliffs of the coastline to the southern end of the mouth of the Golfo Nuevo, where you can enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and more views of the gulf.

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