Enjoy this experience when you stay at El Pedral in Patagonia, Argentina.

If you are staying at El Pedral between the months of June and December, then reserve one of your days for a full-day whale watching excursion that few places in the world can offer.

The journey starts with a 170 km drive around the Golfo Nuevo to the port town of Puerto Pirámides. From there, you will go aboard a boat or El Pedral’s Yellow Submarine for a guided sea voyage in search of the southern right whales. The expedition takes you within a 16 km radius from the port, depending on the location of the mammals.

Aboard the submarine, you can observe the whales above and below the surface of the water. A guide will accompany you throughout the voyage explaining the behavior of these majestic mammals and answering any questions. The sea adventure lasts 1½ hours.

Other species you may see on this excursion include South American sea lions, typical birds of the Patagonian coast, and, depending on the time of year, dusky dolphins.

Book your stay at El Pedral to enjoy this experience.