Enjoy this experience when you stay at EOLO in Patagonia, Argentina.

Ride into a majestic landscape on horseback at EOLO ranch, a property immersed in the windy silence of the Patagonian steppes. A ride where the immensity and the dominant simplicity of the scenery will surround you.

Horseback riding is the main activity that EOLO offers on their property. Choose between a morning or afternoon ride, each lasting approximately two hours. Additionally, choose between an ascent up the slopes of Cerro Frías or a ride to the Flamingos’ lagoon.

You can take part in saddling up one of the 30 criollo horses. During the ride, a bilingual guide will enlighten you about the Patagonian gaucho lifestyle, the old ranches, and the current livestock activities with sheep and cattle.

The rides have an intermediate difficulty level where no experience is required, and the weight limit for riders is 120-130 kg.

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