Enjoy this experience when you stay at Estancia Arroyo Verde in Patagonia, Argentina.

The Traful River is one of the most challenging mountain rivers for fly fishing. Exclusively a catch and release fly-fishing river, it will demand all your skills, techniques, and knowledge as an angler.

Among the trophies is the Land Locked Salmon, the fish of a thousand casts, the ghost of the river that summons the most avid anglers from all over the world. You can also seek brown trout and rainbow trout.

During the first months of the season, from November to January, when the river generally runs high, you may find the fly fishing indecipherable with lower water temperatures, higher fish dispersion, and less access to the best spots on the ranch. From February to the end of the season in May, ideal conditions set in with better water levels and temperatures, less migration, and more concentrated fish populations.

Fly fishing at Estancia Arroyo Verde includes a guide and transportation on a 4WD. For an additional fee, you can hire equipment and obtain a fishing permit from the ranch.

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