Enjoy this experience when you stay at Estancia Ave María in The pampas, Argentina.

Ride on Criollo and mestizo horses at Estancia Ave María on the ancient Tandil hills, where the calm rhythm of the countryside prevails.

The horses, meek and calm, are in no hurry, simply waiting to take you on a ride through the heavenly fields of the ranch in the province of Buenos Aires.

With the help of a guide, you can prepare your horse for the ride, saddling it up Criollo style while connecting and getting to know your mount—a secret to an enjoyable and relaxing ride.

Ride through the ranch, breathing in the country air with the scents of the sierras. Admire the views, the landscape, and visit the stone massif that houses an image of the Virgin of Lourdes.

To enjoy a ride, reserve a horse in advance.

Book your stay at Estancia Ave María to enjoy this experience.