Enjoy this experience when you stay at Estancia El Colibrí in Córdoba, Argentina.

Enjoy a horseback ride along the trails of Estancia El Colibri and explore 170 hectares of nature and landscapes. The gauchos of the Estancia will accompany and guide you through the plains, forests, and the banks of the Santa Catalina River.

The ranch provides criollo horses—the workhorse of the gaucho—which are tamed and suitable for riders of all levels including beginners and children.

If you are a beginner, the gauchos will teach you all the essential riding techniques. For expert riders, horseback rides are organized along the mountain roads bordering streams.

The gauchos will take you on the best tours of the Estancia where you can admire more than 170 species of birds and explore hidden corners of the property.

If weather permits, you can enjoy a half-day ride that includes either a picnic basket with local and fresh products from the farm or an Asado at the Club House of the Estancia.

The rides last up to 2 hours.

Book your stay at Estancia El Colibrí to enjoy this experience.