Enjoy this experience when you stay at Estancia Los Potreros in Córdoba, Argentina.

Witness the horsemanship and skills of the gaucho in their native environment on this working ranch.

With the gauchos, you can take part in some of the day-to-day tasks at Estancia Los Potreros. This includes rounding up stray cattle, moving herds into corrals, and bringing in young horses to protect them from pumas.

Trail riding is another alternative experience offered at the Estancia—suitable for riders of all abilities. Ride over various landscapes and terrain, such as rocky outcrops that give way to open hillsides or hidden valleys that lead to tumbling waterfalls. Reach swimming holes and spectacular viewpoints, or ride out to neighboring lands that offer a glimpse of rural life, past homesteads, churches, and remote schools.

The horse breeds include the Criollo horses, ideal for fieldwork, and the Peruvian Paso—also known as the Peruvian horse—suitable for longer rides, with its smooth rhythm and ambling gait. The Estancia has a riding weight limit of 95kgs/15stone/210lbs and 85kgs/13stone/183lbs for polo and the Peruvian Paso breed.

At Estancia Los Potreros, horseback rides can be organized at short notice, even while at the ranch. You will always be in the company of a bilingual guide and gaucho. You can ride half days in the morning or afternoon or ride a full day with a picnic or barbecue. Rides on Sunday take place in the mornings only.

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