• Estancia El Colibrí

    Explore the nature and landscapes of Cordoba on a horseback ride with gauchos along the trails of Estancia El Colibrí.

  • House of Jasmines

    Ride with gauchos on the paths and trails of the House of Jasmines Estancia and admire the colorful landscapes of Salta.

  • Estancia La Maipú

    Ride on a three-day raw adventure on horseback from Estancia La Maipú to the Andean village of El Chaltén—like the pioneers of Patagonia.

  • Rosell Boher Lodge

    Enjoy horseback riding in the foothills of the Andes around the vineyards of one of Argentina’s most prestigious winemakers, Rosell Boher.

  • EOLO

    Venture on horseback into the immense landscape of the 4000-hectare EOLO ranch, immersed in the windy silence of the Patagonian steppes.

  • El Pedral

    Observe elephant seals on an excursion to the Punta Ninfas lighthouse and cliffs of the Valdés Peninsula.

  • El Pedral

    Observe the majestic southern right whales above and below the water aboard a submarine at the Valdes Peninsula.

  • El Pedral

    Spend the day walking among Magellanic penguins along the beaches of the Valdes Peninsula. Get to know them up close and better.

  • Estancia Los Potreros

    Ride and work alongside Gauchos on a genuine Argentine working ranch or trail ride the landscape and terrain of the Sierras Chicas.

  • Estancia Los Potreros

    Learn to play one of the world’s oldest known team sports—Polo—on an authentic Argentine ranch. Take a day class or a full week lesson with a local professional player.

  • Bahía Bustamante Lodge

    Navigate to the Vernaci archipelago for a nature watching experience. Observe sea lions, Magellanic penguins and rare sea birds, such as, cormorants, petrels, steamer ducks, and skuas.

  • Bahía Bustamante Lodge

    Visit the fossil landscape at Bahia Bustamante Lodge with petrified trees and wood, remnants of a forest from 60 million years ago.

  • Estancia Ave María

    Saddle up a Criollo horse and absorb the serene rhythm of the countryside while riding on the ancient hills of Tandil.

  • Estancia Arroyo Verde

    Ride endless trails on horseback through valleys, along rivers, or up mountains, and soak up the fresh Patagonian air. For beginners and experienced riders.

  • Estancia Arroyo Verde

    Enjoy catch and release fly fishing on the Traful River at Estancia Arroyo Verde. Seek brown trout, rainbow trout, and the elusive land-locked salmon.