Fair booking practices

At QiETUT, we collaborate closely with each establishment to offer tailor-made reservations so that your stay will meet your expectations.

When you request a booking at one of the establishments affiliated with us, we will assign you a specialist from our reservation team. The specialist will respond to your inquiry and develop a detailed itinerary of your stay.

Care and attention to detail are provided at all times to each reservation.

The price that QiETUT offers you will be the same price that the establishment would provide you with directly as long as the reservation has the same characteristics: dates, length of stay, type of pension, activities.  This price parity extends to other online travel agencies affiliated with the establishment.

At QiETUT, we observe the reservation practices of our establishments since they accept few guests and have relatively high fixed costs to ensure a quality stay. Because of their remote locations, some establishments must plan their resources ordering goods and securing services well in advance to provide an all-inclusive experience. For this reason, reservations mostly require payment of a deposit or full payment in advance, often weeks or months before your arrival.

And reservations also need ample time to be canceled to be eligible for a refund.

We hope in time to improve conditions for both the host and guest.

Your reservation specialist will provide details of the property’s policies when you are making a reservation.

We offer multiple payment methods to pay for your trip for your convenience. Over time we will continue to add further options and attempt to find the optimal payment methods to provide convenience and minimize transaction costs.

If you have any questions about our booking practices, please get in touch with us here.