Wildlife watching on the Vernaci archipelago

Navigate to the Vernaci archipelago for a nature watching experience. Observe sea lions, Magellanic penguins and rare sea birds, such as, cormorants, petrels, steamer ducks, and skuas.

Visit to a Patagonian Petrified Forest

Visit the fossil landscape at Bahia Bustamante Lodge with petrified trees and wood, remnants of a forest from 60 million years ago.


Discover the exceptional wildlife sanctuary and geological history at Bahia Bustamante Lodge with the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the never-ending Patagonian steppes on the other.

Witness the abundance and diversity of birds, marine mammals, and steppe wildlife and their ecosystems on this vast property and nearby islands. From the Magellanic Penguins, sea lions, and elephant seals to the Patagonian cavy, Darwin’s rheas, guanacos, grey foxes, and armadillos.

Lorenzo Soriano, a Spanish immigrant, founded the ranch as a settlement for seaweed collection in the 1950s. Two generations later, his descendants welcome guests to experience the lodge’s natural wonders while maintaining a sustainable wool farm.

The main lodge is the former General Store of the settlement, where you can enjoy the restaurant, bar and living room, or the historic Memorial room and library. The former living quarters of the first settlers are the cabins where you can stay, preserved in their original Patagonian style, some with views of the oceans, others facing the steppes.

On the ranch, you can go trekking through Mesozoic era canyons or visit the 60 million-year-old Petrified Forest. You can also access white sand beaches and dive into the crystal clear waters of the ocean or relax in natural tide pools dotted along the property’s coastline.

Luxury at Bahia Bustamante Lodge is the chance to enjoy the vastness of nature which will surround you and that few places in the world can offer.


Enjoy earth-to-table Patagonian cuisine, part of the food and gourmet project of the lodge, and a reflection of its deep love for the land.

With its remote location and commitment to sustainability, the lodge sources home-grown ingredients for its restaurant menu. Fruits, olives, berries, a wide variety of vegetables, aromatic herbs, and edible flowers are all grown from its organic and bio-dynamic garden. Sea salt and Salicornia are also harvested on the land. The lodge also produces Marine Wine—the first of its kind in Argentina—from its beachfront vineyards.

Each morning you can enjoy a simple yet wholesome Argentine breakfast with cereals, fruits, homemade bread, homemade jams and butter, yogurt, cheese, homemade hams. No breakfast is complete without a fresh brew of coffee, or you can enjoy tea or hot chocolate.

For lunch and dinner, savor fresh seafood, lamb, pasta, and other traditional Argentine cuisines from a fixed menu, including an appetizer, a main course, and dessert.


Before dinner, enjoy Happy Hour at the Penguin Bar in the main part of the Lodge. Admire the stunning views of the sea through the large windows of the bar and living room while you relax.

You can connect to the solar-powered Wi-Fi service at the restaurant, which operates for most of the day. The Internet signal varies in quality.

Everywhere else at the Lodge, you will be disconnected from your mobile world as there are no cell phone signals on the property.  Communication at the Lodge can be made through your messaging service on your cellphone using the Wi-Fi connection.

90% of the energy at the Lodge comes from solar panels and wind power. After 11 pm, the Sea Cabins use battery-operated lights in different rooms, and the Steppe Cabins each have an emergency light in the living room. We recommend bringing a flashlight.


Superior Sea Cabins

Guests: Maximum of 4 guests per cabin
Size: 50 m2

Standard Sea Cabins

Guests: Maximum of 4 guests per cabin
Size: 50 m2

Steppe Cabins

Guests: Maximum of 3 guests per cabin
Size: 40 m2


Bahía Bustamante Lodge


U9111 Comodoro Rivadavia

Located in: Patagonia, Argentina

Latitude: -45.126266
Longitude: -66.537280

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