Horseback riding in the Patagonian steppes

Venture on horseback into the immense landscape of the 4000-hectare EOLO ranch, immersed in the windy silence of the Patagonian steppes.


EOLO stands in the middle of endless steppes on a 4000-hectare ranch. It is close to the Los Glaciares National Park—home to the renowned Perito Moreno glacier—and even closer to the towering peaks of the Andes.

When inside EOLO, simplicity surrounds you, a reflection of the outside environment. Inspired by the historic estancias of the area, the entire lodge—from its antique furnishings to the crockery—combines the simple structure of Criollo dwellings and avant-garde lines of modern architecture.

Sunrises, sunsets, moonrises, together with extraordinary cloud formations, create unlimited colors across the big sky, visually mesmerizing and on display from your room and common areas of the lodge.

Enjoy outdoor activities—some guided—at EOLO, including trekking, mountain biking, bird watching, 4 wheel driving, zip-lining, and horseback riding. Or, immerse yourself in the scenic beauty and nature of Los Glaciares National Park, a World Heritage site, with further activities including glacier visits and hikes, kayaking, and cruises.


Chef Juan Pablo Bonaveri, the mastermind behind EOLO’s cuisine, fuses the tastes of European foods with native Patagonian flavors.

Every dish reflects the origins and heritage of the region with a sophisticated touch, carrying the Chef’s signature. He uses regional products applying techniques and aesthetics of international cuisine.

Every meal is an opportunity to take in the views surrounding the property. Enjoy breakfast while admiring the sunrise, or lunch with views of the immense landscape. Sip tea blends with exquisite homemade pastry on the terrace in the fresh Patagonian air with breathtaking scenery.

Wines from Argentina occupy EOLO’s cellar, each selected from the top vineyards in the country.


At EOLO, all interior spaces feature outdoor views—the living room, the library, the dining area, and of course, each of the rooms.

The dynamics of the building revolve around the central garden, a space that facilitates circulation. It allows you to enjoy the open-air sheltered from the sometimes harsh Patagonian winds.

Before or after dinner, exchange anecdotes and share your day’s experiences at the bar. Visit the cellar and enjoy tasting some of Argentina’s finest wines.

The property also has a relaxation area and space where you can do yoga.


Superior Rooms

Guests: 2 with options for 3
Size: 37 m2

Premium Rooms

Guests: Up to 3
Size: 42 m2

Corner Rooms

Guests: 2
Size: 48 m2



Ruta Provincia 11, km 23
9405 El Calafate

Located in: Patagonia, Argentina

Latitude: -50.366168
Longitude: -72.575236

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