Horseback riding from La Maipú to El Chaltén

Ride on a three-day raw adventure on horseback from Estancia La Maipú to the Andean village of El Chaltén—like the pioneers of Patagonia.


Discover an authentic and pure Patagonia at Estancia La Maipú, where you can disconnect and discover the ranch’s untouched wild terrain and history.

The enormity of this ranch stretches along the San Martín Lake all the way to the towering peaks of the Andes Mountain range.

Few places in this world can promise lasting memories like Estancia La Maipu with its distant location and selection of extraordinary adventures. As a guest, you can choose from a number of outdoor activities on the property: trekking along trails through natural reserves, bird watching, fishing on San Martín Lake, horseback riding on the Estancia’s vast property.

You can tap your fearless spirit and challenge yourself to an intense 50km crossing on horseback from the main lodge to El Chalten, reminiscent of past journeys by pioneers of Patagonia.

The architecture of the main lodge is typical of the region and preserves styles of British origin. You can admire the scenic views of San Martín Lake from the common areas and rooms of the main lodge.

Cuisine—rustic, homegrown, and homemade—plays an important role at Estancia La Maipú, often accompanied by Argentina’s prestigious Luigi Bosca wines.


At Estancia La Maipú, you will discover the spirit of Patagonian cuisine.

Everything served at the table is homemade, with most of the ingredients sourced from the ranch, including fruits and vegetables, the meat, the trout from the lake, and the water from natural streams. Other delicacies are brought in from small producers in other parts of the country, such as dried fruits from La Rioja, jams and sweets from San Juan, wines from Mendoza, sausages from Córdoba, and cheese from La Pampa.

For breakfast, you can enjoy a buffet with croissants and homemade bread, in addition to a selection of a-la-carte dishes.

Picnic lunches include sandwiches and cakes. For your horseback rides, a barbeque lunch on the property will be fired up and served.

Dinner consists of a starter, a main course, and dessert. Trout with lemon cooked over an open fire is a main dish that competes with the roast lamb. Homemade egg pasta is also a regular feature on the menu.

You can enjoy your meals with Luigi Bosca wines, the house wine, Patagonia beer, and a variety of other beverages.


The main lodge of the Estancia consists of a living room with a library and fireplace, a dining room with views of the San Martín Lake, and six rooms with a private bathroom and heating. Four of the rooms also have views of the lake.

With few hours of electricity and satellite Internet each day, the Estancia La Maipú is a special place where you can disconnect.



Guests: 2 to 3


Estancia La Maipú

Estancia La Maipú
Santa Cruz

Located in: Patagonia, Argentina

Latitude: -49.158555
Longitude: -72.480022

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