Horseback riding on the Sierras Chicas

Ride and work alongside Gauchos on a genuine Argentine working ranch or trail ride the landscape and terrain of the Sierras Chicas.

Polo on a ranch at the Sierras Chicas

Learn to play one of the world’s oldest known team sports—Polo—on an authentic Argentine ranch. Take a day class or a full week lesson with a local professional player.


Los Potreros is a traditional Argentine working ranch for grazing cattle and breeding horses located in the remote Sierras Chicas of Cordoba.

Kevin and Louisa Begg—fourth generation owners and operators of this estancia—welcome you to their home and lifestyle for an authentic experience into Argentine rural culture and traditions.

They offer a personalized program filled with ranch activities primarily centered around horseback riding.

Enjoy rides herding cattle with Gauchos in the lush pastures of the estancia atop Criollo and Peruvian Paso horses. Ride half-day either in the morning or afternoon, or full day with a picnic or barbecue. You can also take walks and guided 4×4 drives on the property, go trekking, bird watching, or practice and play polo.

For lodging, stay in one of the cozy rooms of the main house, which dates back to the Jesuit era, or in one of the three independent cottages on the ranch. Each individually and tastefully furnished with quality antiques in keeping with the history and style of the estancia.

Enjoy traditional family hospitality, the rural argentine way, in a warm and friendly environment where there will never be more than 12 guests at a time.


Among the highlights of the stay at Estancia Los Potreros are the lunches and dinners. They are very social occasions that take place in the main house dining room or verandah. Your hosts, Kevin and Louisa, are always keen to share stories of the ranch and Argentine life.

The estancia offers a variety of European and traditional Argentine homemade cuisine. Among the culinary experiences is the traditional Argentine Asado or barbeque.

Your days will start with a breakfast that includes bacon and eggs, homemade bread, cereals, porridge, yogurt, and fruits. Afternoon tea includes homemade cake or biscuits.

Estancia Los Potreros operates with a solid farm-to-table ethos, preparing meals using ingredients from home-reared beef, organically grown fruit and vegetables, and free-range eggs. The ranch caters to vegetarians and people with food allergies.

Lunches and dinners are combined with premium Argentine wines—including Estancia Los Potreros label wines—which often accompany some great conversations well into the night.


The main house of the Estancia Los Potreros has a living room and a separate dining room, each decorated with antiques in a traditional style. Around the main house is a verandah for meals and social gatherings, a garden, hammocks, and a swimming pool available from mid-October to April.

Renewable resources, including wind and solar power, generate most of the energy used at the estancia.


The Doll's Cottage

Guests: Up to 6 guests

The Honeymoon 1945 Cottage

Guests: Up to 2

The Carpenter's Cottage

Guests: Up to 2 guests in each room

North and South Bedrooms

Guests: Up to 2 guests in each room


Estancia Los Potreros


Los Potreros

Located in: Córdoba, Argentina

Latitude: -31.097992
Longitude: -64.429257

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