Patagonia Argentina is a pristine part of the world rich with natural wonders with the towering Andes Mountains to the west with lakes, fjords, and glaciers, and deserts, tablelands, and steppes to the east leading to the Southern Atlantic Ocean.

A diverse range of fauna, including protected species, inhabits this region. The Andean Condor dominates the skies over the mountain range, guanacos and rheas wander through the steppes. Magellanic penguins and elephant seals line the shores of the Atlantic, and southern right whales make the coastal waters their home during the breeding season.

The region offers adventures of all types, particularly trekking, glacier hiking and visits, wildlife watching, fly fishing, mountain biking, four-wheel driving, and horseback riding.

Some notable places in Patagonia, Argentina, include Los Glaciares National Park, World Heritage Listed by UNESCO, the Perito Moreno glacier, the Valdes Peninsula, Tierra del Fuego to the south, and Bariloche with its dense alpine forest, lakes, rivers, and ski slopes.


Estancia La Maipú

Disconnect from your world on a vast enclave of pure and wild Patagonia, stretching from the great San Martín Lake to the towering peaks of the Andes.


Yield to the tranquility of vast Patagonian geography on a 4000-hectare ranch. Dialogue with the landscape, outdoors and indoors.

El Pedral

Explore the Valdés Peninsula wildlife from Estancia El Pedral: colonies of Magellanic penguins, elephant seals, and sea lions. Go whale watching from a submarine.

Bahía Bustamante Lodge

Discover Southern Atlantic coastal wildlife at this historic Patagonian establishment. Observe Magellanic penguins and sea lions; enjoy trekking, ocean bathing, and visit a petrified forest.

Estancia Arroyo Verde

Enjoy nature and adventure in comfort on 4500 hectares of Patagonian paradise, with scenic horseback riding, fly fishing, numerous hiking trails, and glimpses of rare wildlife.